EWAN MCCOLL - SONGS OF ROBERT BURNS (le anzoni del bardo scozzese)

01 Gree Grow the Rashes, O.mp3
02 Landlady, Count the Lawin.mp3
03 I Maun Hae a Wife.mp3
04 O that I Had Never Been Married.mp3
05 Galloway Tam.mp3
06 I Hae a Wife O' My Ain.mp3
07 There's Cauld Kail in Aberdeen.mp3
08 A Braw Wooer.mp3
09 The Rantin' Dof, the Daddie O't.mp3
10 A Waulkin, O.mp3
11 Duncan Gray.mp3
12 Wha'll Mow me Now.mp3
13 Rattlin' Roarin' Willie.mp3
14 Hey, Ca' Thro'.mp3
15 To Daunton Me.mp3
16 Jumpin John.mp3
17 What Can ALassie Do Wi'an Auld Man.mp3
18 The Dusty Miller.mp3
19 Tibbie Dunbar.mp3
20 The Cooper O' Cuddy.mp3
21 She's Fair and Fause.mp3
22 The Deil's Awa Wi Th' Exciseman.mp3
23 A Man's a Man for A' That.mp3

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