Della lunga storia di questo quartetto attivo fin dal 1934, qui è raccolto un centinaio di brani, prevalentemente gospel ma non solo.

Blind Barnabas.mp3
Born Ten Thousand Years Ago.mp3
Brother Bill.mp3
Bye and Bye Little Children.mp3
Carolina in the Morning.mp3
Cheer the Weary Traveler.mp3
Comin' in on a Wing and a Prayer.mp3
Darling Nellie Gray.mp3
Dese Bones Gonna Rise Again.mp3
Didn't Old Pharoah Get Lost.mp3
Dip Your Fingers in the Water.mp3
Dipsy Doodle.mp3
Everything Moves by the Grace of God.mp3
Found a Wonderful Savior.mp3
Get on Board.mp3
Go Down Moses (Let My People Go).mp3
Go Tell It on the Mountain.mp3
God Almighty Said.mp3
Handwriting on the Wall.mp3
He Never Said a Mumblin' Word.mp3
He Said He Could Calm the Ocean.mp3
Hide Me in the Bosom.mp3
I Hear Zion Moan.mp3
I Looked Down the Line and I Wondered.mp3
I'm Just a Dreamer.mp3
I'm a Pilgrim.mp3
I'm on My Way.mp3
If I Had My Way.mp3
John the Revelator.mp3
Jonah in the Whale.mp3
Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho.mp3
Julius Caesar.mp3
Lead Me on and On.mp3
Let That Liar Alone.mp3
Listen to the Lambs.mp3
Look Away.mp3
Lord, Im Born to Die.mp3
Massa's in the Cold, Cold Ground.mp3
Motherless Child.mp3
My Lord Is Ridin' All the Time.mp3
My Lord Is Writting.mp3
My Time Done Come.mp3
My Walking Stick.mp3
Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen.mp3
Ol' Man Mose.mp3
Ol' Man River.mp3
Packing up - Getting Ready to Go.mp3
Poor Little Jesus.mp3
Preacher and the Bear.mp3
Precious Lord.mp3
Pure Religion.mp3
Remember Me.mp3
Ride on Moses.mp3
Ride up in the Chariot.mp3
Rock Island Line.mp3
Rock My Soul.mp3
She's Gonna Ruin You Buddy.mp3
Stand in the Test in Judgement.mp3
Stormy Weather.mp3
Straighten up and Fly Right.mp3
Swanee River.mp3
Sweet Adeline.mp3
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.mp3
Take Your Burdens to God.mp3
The General Jumped at Dawn.mp3
The Sun Didn't Shine.mp3
The Valley of Time.mp3
This World Is in a Bad Condition.mp3
Time's Winding Up.mp3
To the Rock.mp3
Toll the Bell Easy.mp3
Travelin' Shoes.mp3
Turn Back Pharoah's Army.mp3
What Are They Doing in Heaven Today.mp3
What a Time.mp3
What's New_.mp3
Whoa Babe.mp3
You'd Better Mind.mp3
shoo Shoo Baby.mp3
stalin Wasn't Stallin'.mp3
the General Rolls.mp3
trouble of This World.mp3
when They Ring the Golden Bells.mp3
when the Saints Go Marching In.mp3
won't There Be One Happy Time.mp3

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